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At Fidelis, our most prized resource is our people.  

We believe in a collaborative culture that welcomes a diversity of ideas, creativity, and a passion for success. Only through the talents of our people can we continue to provide our clients with innovative investment strategies and solutions to efficiently manage their capital through dynamic markets.

​Fidelis Investors' managing partners Brian Tortorella and Michael Tessitore have worked together since 2004.  They have meaningful experience starting, building, and managing various successful trading and investment advisory businesses during that tenure.  

Along with the management team, our senior investment professionals have been working together for years, delivering consistent results for our investors. Our long history together aids in creating a reliable, investment discipline that can be applied to existing and new investment opportunities. The team has built a reputation for being the first movers in new opportunity sets, managing assets through varying market cycles, and creating value for investors over the long term.

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