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Fidelis investors is an alternative asset manager which serves the needs of institutional clients. With a focus on investment performance, strong governance, and transparent practices, our mission is to realize growth with our investors over the long term.

The Firm specializes in investment opportunities in mortgage debt products, structured finance, asset-based lending and real estate.  

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Financial Report

The team has a proven track record in the management of:


  1. Single family residential whole loans,

  2. Bridge loans backed by single family homes

  3. Transitional multi-family loans

  4. Rental loans

Mortgage Debt


The team has deep experience in the structuring and distribution of securities to pensions, hedge funds and other eligible buyers of RMBS backed by single family homes. The teams experience dates back approximately 24 years with stints at Goldman Sachs, UBS, RBS-Greewich, and Five Mile Capital and has invested during various market cycles.



Fidelis is one of the leading institutions providing capital to private money, asset based lenders throughout the United States. The firm strategically partners with lenders throughout the country that originate high quality business purpose loans to borrowers who intend to renovate and sell or rent a property.



The team has experience in purchasing, renovating, and liquidating single family homes across the country. The team has a wide network of property managers, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, and asset managers to help efficiently manage projects.



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Core Values


At Fidelis Investors, we are committed to open, clear lines of communication with our investors, employees and business partners.  Our goal is to create a culture of trust that permeates everything we do. Our philosophy is one that rewards  honesty, integrity and demonstrates respect and loyalty for the relationships that make our success possible.


Fidelis investors understands the importance of the commitments we make to our strategic partners and stakeholders.   We know that in order to reach our collective goals we must accept that achievement is a direct result of our actions.  Fidelis promotes a proactive atmosphere of responsibility where management and employees alike are held accountable to follow through on their obligations.


Fidelis employees are unified by our passion to produce the best results for our clients.  We understand that achieving great performance takes a tremendous team effort.  It requires a commitment to collaboration, and a team culture that embraces and works though challenges together.  

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